07 Apr


I jumped…

and it was scary and is still scary, but I am so flippin happy.

I quit an unfullfilling job. Now I’m working (almost) full time as a stained glass artist. I work for me! No more working towards someone else’s dream in exchange for a paycheck!

I’m only a week into this adventure, but my anger and stress levels have almost vanished. Things still frustrate and stress me out of course, but everything is just more manageable. I’ve spent the better part of the week developing a plan of attack and getting organized. But now I have become to glass like a mad women! I’m also finishing old projects up too… That mermaid has been hanging out under my desk for AGES. I didn’t want to foil all the circles….


Another fun project that I wanted to show off was my new patches. I patched one of my favorite pairs of pants that I had wore through. I like to sit with my feet tucked under me and so I ALWAYS wear a hole through my dang pants. I patched these with some thick fabric that I got at the thrift store. I choose to patch them on the underside because I think its a neat look. I also did one of the holes with my sewing machine and one by hand.  I’m testing to see if one holds up better than the other. I like the feel of the sewing machine better when I am wearing them. I suppose I like the look better too.

Freedom - thepaisleyfish.com


Another perk of working from home is that I have a new buddy. It’s actually my roommates cat, but she loves me just the same. Booka, the super kitty from space!