13 May

Sneaky Space Saving

I moved in with my man! 💕

Woop Woop!

So while I am trying to cram all my crafting supplies into this tiny apartment until the lease is up in 3 months….. I implemented a few tricks!

Meet his dresser:


Ok this is his dresser after we took off the (remaining) doors. The doors are this neat molded wood that I am going to craft with. We shall see them again. The dresser handles I am going to upcycle with another project as well.

Anyway, the thing was big and with two people + crafts galore + BOY HOBBIES (I have to share space with a huge bag of plastic ducks), it just couldn’t stay…

Or could it?


We just tipped that sucker on its side and BOOM craft storage for him and her! Having it vertical saves a ton of space.  And this counts as an UPCYCLE. I called it.

We had to put a 3/4″ thick strip of wood down to balance one side (<——- I just got corrected, ahem, 3/8″ thick)

Yes it’s messy, give me a break. These are quick fixes not martha stuart. I doooo have planssssss. I want to paint the inside of the cabinet bright blue.


Ok so next one:


Tension Rods to create storage in awkward areas!

So simple, so great. Sleeping bags were awesome for this because you can’t squash down-feather sleeping bags. It ruins them, I guess.

And then this little gem:



I just pinned a reusable fabric bag to the inside of my cabinet for lid storage. Boom. This is so useful.


And lastly, as a cat owner, I must expose how cute my cat is on every internet outlet available so……


Later Gators.