01 Jun

The GUILT of Pursuing a Dream

The Paisley Fish's Long Term Goals

Guilt? What is this CrAzY lady talking about?

For the last two months I have been GLASSING MY FACE OFF. I quit the full time shipping job I had to go after something passionate in my life. Stained Glass. Yup, I walked away from a full time, with benefits, well paying, industrial job to try my hand at being an artist. <— This is where the guilt comes in.

I have been CONSTANTLY fighting my brain space about this decision. An artist? You aren’t saving the world! You aren’t putting enough into society! This is selfish! You won’t make enough money! YOU AREN’T GOOD ENOUGH. 

And you know what we need to do about these thoughts?


Going after a dream was never going to be easy, but if you can believe in impossible things, you can succeed at anything.  It’s important to not let the negativity win. It’s a battle everyone faces every morning they wake up.

And hey, you might fail the first time! How many times did Donald Trump go bankrupt before he MADE it? 4 Times. Just don’t give up, little duck!

Speak only what you WANT to be Truth.

Stop with the negativity because WORDS ARE POWERFUL! Want proof? Check out Danielle Laporte’s experiment on the impact of positive and negative words. The results are incredible, moving, uplifting, amazing. She’s a real positive lady.

Danielle LaPorte's Positivity Experiment

“You can fail at what you don’t want, so you might as well take a chance on doing what you love.”

My favorite graduation speech is from Jim Carrey. Here’s a short clip from it. It’s inspiring to say the least. GO AFTER WHAT YOU LOVE. JUST TRY. Do not be afraid of failure because FAILURE IS NOT THE END. Failure is another beginning. Everything you do will make you smarter and get you closer to your ultimate goal. What worked, what didn’t? How can you make it work the next time? Was this what I wanted to do anyway? Don’t immerse yourself in the fact that it did not work! What did you learn?

Inspiration on Not Giving Up has been thrown at me all month. The universe believes in me, I believe that because it would not continue to put inspiring people in my life.

My friend John Skinkis has been a great friend and an inspiring individual to me and every person he encounters. Though he comes from a small tiny farming community, he is going to do big things. This is a truth because John BELIEVES it to be true. I recently had a great ‘catch up’ conversation with him. He inspired me to work hard and find my passion so that I can focus on it.

Some advice from John:

GIVE YOURSELF SPECIFIC GOALS – You can’t say “I want to be successful” and expect gold to rain from the sky. You need to go after something. This was where my big problem was coming from. I couldn’t figure out where to focus. After speaking with John, I cried for 3 days. I was so frustrated  at myself, at the world, at my bank account, and at John. I was so mad at him for stirring this up in me. But you know what? Moving forward is painful sometimes. This frustration was my fuel and I began making my plan.

When you want to Succeed as Bad as you want to Breathe

John listens to this video EVERY DAY. To remind himself. This was the question I needed to ask myself: What did I want as bad as I wanted to breathe? For me, it’s not millions of dollars. It’s comfort. It’s a family. It’s being able to wake up every day and do something that I love. It’s using my craft to create Joy. 

So I made myself THIS to remind me:

The Paisley Fish's Long Term Goals

The Paisley Fish’s Long Term Goals

Get the tutorial for this magnet board, by me, here. 

I’m not saying that I have “MADE IT” as an artist, but I did get my art into a gallery… and that’s one step in the right direction. My next post will be about my new glass and such. I did update my portfolio and glass art, so check those out!

This post was more for me, than anyone out there. It was a reminder for me that I know all these truths and I have to keep remembering to believe them.

Happy Crafting!

07 Mar

Beginning Glass Art

Stained Glass Dinosaur Spews Rainbow

Stained glass came out of no where for me. It all started at a bachelor auction…

But that’s another story. 😉 My main art focus this last year has been improving my glass craft. This post involves me doing some product/ website reviews to acquire the necessary tools to make stained glass. You can check out my Glass Portfolio to see what I have really been getting into.

To get started, I want to show you my favorite piece:Stained Glass Dinosaur Spews RainbowRecent winter shot:

Stained Glass Dinosaur Spews Rainbow

In the next 9 months I am going to be working on a series of tutorials on aspects of stained glass. Foiling method.  (Tiffany Style.) If this is something you’ve ever been interested in, I am going to recommend a beginner kit.

Stained Glass BEGINNER Kit: GRYPHON Grinder, all Tools PLUS Stained Glass to make suncatchers!

Stained Glass BEGINNER Kit: GRYPHON Grinder, all Tools PLUS Stained Glass to make Suncatchers! $136.55

This is pretty much exactly what I started with and worked my way up on a few items. GlassSupplies41.com is a safe website too, so that’s always nice. Her prices are AWe-SOME! And she is super nice; if you ever have questions about her products or how-tos on a project, she is always helpful.

I have had my Gryphette for over a year and she is still purring like a kitten. For someone doing big panels, this is probably too small, but for a beginner or someone not in need of a large surface area, the Gryphette is a great buy. GlassSupplies41 also has an upgraded version of this beginner kit with a different grinder with a bigger motor. The Glastar Diamond Star. I’ve heard good things and have used them a couple times. Bigger motor, bigger surface area. (Bigger price.)

GLASS GRINDER - Glastar Diamond Star with 3/4 inch Diamond Grinder Bit - 5 Year Warranty - Water Cooling Reservoir

My preference for flux has changed from Liquid to Paste. My favorite is Nokorode Paste Flux. ($2.99) You can apply it with a Q Tip. I find it doesn’t bubble and sputter as much. She also carries a bigger size that comes with a brush. Oo lala.

Paste Flux - Odorless Nokorode - 1.7 oz

My Choice Iron still works great. My first upgrade was to get a Temperature Control Rheostat.($20.10) This improved my soldering ability. I found my ideal working temperature and everything just got so honed in from there. This is just an extra though! You don’t neeeeed it.

But then I upgraded again! I got a Hakko FX – 601 Soldering Iron ($61.75) Yes, this was a splurge. But it was like New Car Smell. Or Brand New Vaccum Cleaned Floor. Glorious. It is still Glorious! Temperature control dial right in the handle. The only thing better would be cordless. And it blinks to remind me that it’s on. I may or may not have a habit of forgetting to turn my iron off. That is bad. Good thing the Beginner Kit comes with a SAFE holster for your iron!

Hakko FX-601 - Temperature Control Soldering Iron

Another tool I use that is not in the kit is a Running Pliers. ($7.45) Another breaking tool that I find more effective when breaking a big piece of glass.

Choice - Spring Loaded - Metal 6-1/2" Mini Running Pliers - Glass Breaking Tool

Also you will need some sort of light weight oil to cut glass with. I use Novacan Non-Toxic Glass Cutter Oil. ($5.85) And gosh, that will last you awhile. I’ve heard Lamp Oil works fine, but be careful breathing it if you are doing a lot of cutting.

CUTTING OIL for Glass Cutter by Novacan 8 ounce (237ml) bottle


Here is a picture of my work station:

I will tell you more about some of these strange tools on another day. The Beginner Kit also comes with a great set of instructions and patterns. Plus you have glass to get started right away!

You will hear from me again soon. I am thinking about starting video tutorials.. hmm. I like the lack of loading time for pictures, but sometimes a video would make things more clear. You may see them in the future.


20 Dec

Art Appreciated from Things I Have Made

A foot of snow in 4 days? It finally feels like winter


owl newborn hat


It’s time to cover up those heads!

My friend Becky has a really great etsy shop started that will keep you and your little ones warm!

She’s a master crocheter and all of her stuff is made to order, so you can pick your own colors.

She has a bunch of great items! Here are a few of my favs:
thingsihavemade thingsihavemade thingsihavemade thingsihavemade






Becky started her shop because she loves to crochet, and can only wear so many scarfs, hats, headbands, etc. at one time!
You won’t find any $70 scarfs or cowls here. She prices things pretty close to what it costs to make them. I know you will enjoy her work!

Check out her etsy shop HERE!

06 Dec

Painted Hot Dog Longboard

I’ve tried surfing and snowboarding, but I do draw the line at skateboarding.

Concrete is so unforgiving compared to snow or water.
I’ve been lucky to not have not been seriously injured yet (unless you count my pride), I’m not going to push it.
Have you ever met a serious skate boarder that’s never broken a bone before?

So even though this isn’t my sport, still…

I appreciate all crafting!

How cool is this board? I love the cross hatching.

This is the work of my talented cousin Alec from Wisconsin.
It took him about 2 weeks to finish. He started with a regular piece of plywood and cut it out with a jigsaw, and used a router on the edges. Its painted and then sharpied over it.
Let me know if you want some more info and I can connect you to the artisan himself.
Here is some more of his creations!