20 Nov

Fabric Tree Jewelery Display Tutorial

Fabric Wrapped Jewelry Display


  • fabric scraps
  • tree branch
  • craft glue
  • paint brush

This jewelery display is fun and easy! Plus, yay for using scrap fabric!

Start by picking a pleasant tree branch. Use one that will have lots of branches for hanging jewelery. Make sure it has thin branches and thicker branches. The branches will be reinforced with the fabric and glue, so don’t worry about it being too thin.

USE A LIVE TREE. Make sure you ask the tree very nicely to use it’s branch and say thank you with your heart.
Using a live tree will ensure that your branch has flexibility and won’t break when your wrapping it with fabric.

Do snip or break off any branches that are too small to be wrapped.

The fabric above are actually a bit too thick. Cut the fabric to about 1/2 inch thick. Length is varied on the pieces.

Cut the fabric into small strips.

This is a better example of how the strips should look. See how the ends are tapered? That’s important.

Coat the base of the branch in glue. Start wrapping the fabric around the base and continue circling up the branch. Make sure you cover the bottom well. Take extra care of all of the joints on the tree. Make sure they are covered well.

Here is a few detail images of the wrapping process.

Once you finish wrapping the branch, plant it in a neat small pot. I literally used packed dirt to secure the tree in the pot.

Then cover it in your jewelery. Viola! You have a beautiful new jewelery display! Neat!