15 May

Yellow/Teal/Red Chevron Inspired Upcycled End Table

Yellow/Teal/Red Chevron Inspired Upcycled End Table




Yellow/Teal/Red Chevron Inspired Upcycled End Table


It was the blue paint that got my attention first.

I had to use it! It was so pretty. I had originally bought it for a different project that ended up fizzing out. The rest of the paint was in my apartment from past tenets. Our landlords encourage us to paint. Believe it or not, someone painted our main bathroom that red color. It’s definitely striking…  And I’m not sure where “mandrain yellow” was in this place. Case in point: I spent no extra money on the paint. There was even primer here.

Yellow/Teal/Red Chevron Inspired Upcycled End Table

I picked up the cute little night stand at the thrift store for $6

It had personality but was just a little drab.

First, I put one coat of white primer on all surfaces. I used a mini paint roller and a small pointy tip painting sponge.

Then two coats of yellow paint. I let a full 24 hours of drying time between all coats.

I drew out my lines using an l square and a ruler.

Then I taped off the color I wanted first, blue, and sponge painted the section. Careful to not exceed the tape lines.

Remove the tape slowly and carefully when you are done applying the paint. Do not let the paint dry and then pull up the tape. Rip city.  I had a few spots where it pulled up my paint. I went back and fixed these spots carefully at the end.

After 24 hours I taped off and painted the red stripe.

I sprayed several coats of clear lacquer over the entire piece.

This thing has so much personality now! I am so excited at how neat it turned out.

07 Dec

Wall Panel Chevron Decor Painting

This vintage looking wall piece was a good experiment for layering paint. While your creative options are endless, I’m going to walk you through what I did and how I did it.


  • Painting surface panel
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Mod Podge
  • Masking tape
  • Texture gel
  • Liquitex Blended Fibers Texture Gel

I found my panels in the junk yard. It’s my favorite supply shop. 😉 I really have no idea what they were originally for, but look at the awesome cut slit on the back. PERFECT for hanging!





Now the acrylic paint did not stick to my panel all that awesome, so if you have painted fiber board, like me, I would recommend painting your surface with mod podge first. I did not do this, but I think it’s probably a good idea.

Paint the edges of your board. I painted the front too. Let it dry.

I then painted a pretty background by blending the acrylic paint. I dipped my paintbrush in water and painted over the paint to blend everything nicely. Obviously acrylic paint doesn’t do super awesome mixed with water, but it did help blend the colors a bit. This color pattern is what will show through the chevrons. Let it dry before you put any tape on it!!









Cutting the chevrons is the longest part. To make it easier, I made a template. I cut out the chevron and then taped it to wax paper to make it sturdy. Then, when I was cutting out mass amounts of chevrons, I stuck the template right to the tape and then cut around it. Then I peeled off the template and BAM. Chevron.









When you stick your chevrons on, push your panels together. I used a yardstick to make sure my chevrons were in straight lines.

Paint white (or whatever color!) all over your piece. (This was so hard for me… it’s important to not get attached to things though, right?)

Peel your tape off RIGHT AWAY. As soon as the white is all on, BAM, get the tape off! The longer you wait, it will peel your acrylic paint away. I had this problem and had to do some MAJOR touch ups. My problem made it look even more vintagey though.

I mixed mod podge, water, and a TINY amount of white paint and then painted that over the top. Let it dry!

Then I mixed a ton of mod podge with texture gel and painted 3 layers of this on it! Let it dry between each layer.

I had some crazy reaction with my paint and it gave it an orangeish hue, but I think it looks sweet.
Check it out!