14 Jan

Tissue Paper Pom Pom Balls Tutorial

Pom Pom ball tutorial

These pom pom balls are so easy and cheap to make! You can hang them around a light, cover a ceiling, fill up a bowl, the options are endless!



  • Tissue Paper
  • Piece of Wire
  • Scissors


diy pom pom balls

Stack 10- 12 sheets of square tissue paper. You can layer several colors if you’d like! The bigger your squares, the bigger the pom balls.

Accordion fold the stack of paper, like shown above. For bigger pom balls I used a 1.5″ width, and 1″ for smaller pom balls.

diy pom pom balls

Secure the center of your folded tissue paper with a piece of craft wire.


Round the corners of your folded tissue paper with your scissors.

Diy pom pom ball tutorial

Start on one half. Separate each piece of tissue paper, one at a time. Pull them away from the center, alternating sides. You want to fill in half the pom pom ball when your finished.

diy pom pom ball tutorial

Flip it over and fill in the other side.  Shape it with your hands when your done to fill in any holes.


Wrap thread or fishing line around the center and hang from the ceiling.

diy pom pom ball tutorial

Pom Pom ball tutorial


11 Dec

Painted Holiday Decor Pinecones

This easy, beautiful, elegant crafting was done by my good friend and roommate, Kristin. She’s the bees knees. (I have it on good authority that that phrase is coming back.)

  • pine cones
  • acrylic paint
  • paintbrush


Paint your pine cones to create great Christmas ornaments and decor!




The corn cob poker was used to apply the gold paint dots!

This elegant wine glass center piece was super easy and I had all the supplies on hand.

Happy crafting and happy holidays!

19 Nov

Fake Canvas Wall Art Tutorial

My Walls Need Color!


    • Foam pieces — you can get this at craft stores and floral stores, but I got them at the vitamin store, FOR FREE. They ship vitamins and use these foam sheets for packaging protection. Just ask your local supplements lady very nicely.
    • Fabric you LOVE — enough to cover your foam! I used 4 different pieces of fabric
    • Mod Podge
    • paint brush
    • scissors

What’s fun about this project is that you can cut your foam in whatever fun shapes you want! Eventually, I would like to make a bunch more of these fabric wall pieces and have like a giant puzzle look going on my wall above my craft area.

So first things first: CUT YOUR FOAM. I used a serrated bread knife. It cuts easily, but does create a mess. I made 4 triangle out of my foam.

Now we are going to cut our fabric. We are only going to cover the front and sides with a little bit of an overlap on the back. I laid my foam down on the fabric and gave myself 3 inches of space around the foam. This measure will depend on how thick your foam is. Mine is 1″ thick. I marked it with a highlighter (because highlighters don’t bleed through fabric) and then cut out my giant fabric triangle. I did this for each piece. Remember, if you are following my 4 triangle design then you have 2 different shapes to cut out, with 2 pieces each shape. I hope that’s not ridiculously confusing.

Cut off the corner of your fabric. I showed where in the picture above.

So we have our foam and we have our fabric. Lets get messy. Paint mod podge all over one side of the piece of foam. Paint it on thick, and don’t worry if mod podge oozes through onto your fabric because Mod Podge dries completely clear. Once you paint it on, plant your foam in the center of your cut piece of fabric. Rub out gently and smoothly, starting from the center and working out to the edges, any wrinkles. The mod podge might seep through, but that’s alright. Remember to put the mod podge side down on the back side of your fabric. (Don’t put mod podge on the pretty side!)

So the outer front face is stuck on, now we mod podge the edges. This gets a bit complicated at the corners, so hopefully I have enough pictures to see us all through.
Paint mod podge along the edges. This “cut” part of the foam will absorb the mod podge, super hardcore, so be very generous. Frost that mod podge on like it’s your birthday cake. Also paint about 2 inches along the back side.

Fold the fabric over the side of the foam tightly. Don’t worry about the corners. They are addressed in the picture below.

The corners have a ton of extra fabric so we are going to prune them. I’ve shown an approximation in the image above. Make sure that you leave enough fabric length to cover the corner.

Now during the folding of the corner make sure you continue to apply mod podge. On top of the fabric even. IT DRIES CLEAR. I promise!

Fold the fabric like you would wrap a christmas present. The ending result should look like the image above. But really, as long as you do it neatly, any way of folding would be acceptable.

The skinny long corner is a bit more of a hassle, so I’ve included a picture of what that turned out to look.

So once you’ve finished all the corners, give everything a nice coat of mod podge on the back side. Keep everything tight.

So now repeat this process on the rest of your pieces of foam.
note: be careful where you let the pieces dry, because both sides are sticky. Don’t place them anywhere that is going to get covered in dust, cat hair, etc.
When you have completed, we can start marking the foam on the back side to be hung on the wall.
I measured from the top widest angle corner down and found the center line. Then I found the center of that center line and marked it with this cross.

Do this on all the pieces.
Arrange your pieces with the spacing your going to want and then measure from “cross mark” to “cross mark”. This gives you your measurement for placing nails on the wall.

I made my measurements and marked my spots on the wall. Then 1″ in either direction of the marking I pounded my nail. By using 2 nails you create stability for the wall piece. Once your nails are in the wall all you need to do is place your piece against the nails, backside to the wall, and gently press your pieces against and into the nails.

Viola, it looks like canvas. The possibilities are as endless as your fabric supply.

SO, this is my first tutorial, let me know what you think. Feedback. How easy was it to follow.. how were the pictures, directions.. etc.
Thanks pals.