26 Nov

Screen Framed Earring Display Tutorial

Another Earring Display Tutorial!

This isn’t quite a full tutorial, but you’ll get the idea.


  • Picture Frame
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Screen
  • Staple Gun
  • Cardboard

Cut your cardboard to fit the back of your frame.

Paint one side of your cardboard. I painted it kinda streaky with yellow paint.

I also painted the frame with orange and blue paint.

Cut your screen so that it’s about an inch bigger than your frame.

Staple your screen to the back of the frame.

Cut any extra screen off the back but leave about 1/4 inch.

Staple the cardboard to the back of the frame.

Viola! Another sweet way to display your earrings!

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21 Nov

Framed Lace Earring Display Tutorial

Another earring display tutorial?!

Craziest part is I have another one even after this! I’m going to need WAY more jewelery.


  • Frame (I always advocate for the thrift store!!)
  • Lace (My mom gave me a huge lacey tablecloth awhile ago)
  • Piece of thin cardboard to fit back of frame
  • Mod Podge
  • Acrylic Paint (I used red)
  • Paintbrush

  • Now this tutorial has lots of options. At this point, you could paint/ decorate your frame. I’m opting to go plain jane.
    Make sure your cardboard fits behind your frame with a bit of extra room. When you wrap the lace around it, it still needs to fit behind the frame.

    Now paint one side of your cardboard. Maybe you want clouds, or flowers, or crazy colors. I painted it red. LET IT DRY. You do not want paint on your pretty lace!

    If your cardboard is 10″ x 7 3/4″ add 2 inches onto the width and height and cut your lace to that size. So my lace was cut to 12″ x 9 3/4″. You’re going to want 1″ extra when you place the cardboard on top of the lace. (as shown in picture) Place the painted side down on the lace and the unpainted side up.

    Paint mod podge around the edges. Paint it on thick!
    Fold your lace over the cardboard onto the glue, and then paint mod podge over it.
    So layering from the floor up will go:

    lace, cardboard, glue, lace, glue

    You want to make sure the lace is tight, but don’t pull it so tight that you loose your lace from another side. (I almost did that on the top.)

    The corners are a little tough and need major mod podge backup. I folded the corners like a christmas present. The photo shows detail. (Also, sorry about the quality of photos in this tutorial. They just aren’t the best.) You may have to hold the corners for a minute and let the mod podge set.

    Yay! The Lace is secure! Now walk away and let the glue dry. Go ride your skateboard or make coffee or something.

    Now secure it in the frame. My frame had these staples and I just used pliers to push the staples down against the back of the cardboard. If you don’t want the back of your display to have the ugly gluey side, you can put another piece of cardboard between your gluey back side and the staples.

    Viola! Now lets see it with earrings on it…..


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20 Nov

Fabric Tree Jewelery Display Tutorial

Fabric Wrapped Jewelry Display


  • fabric scraps
  • tree branch
  • craft glue
  • paint brush

This jewelery display is fun and easy! Plus, yay for using scrap fabric!

Start by picking a pleasant tree branch. Use one that will have lots of branches for hanging jewelery. Make sure it has thin branches and thicker branches. The branches will be reinforced with the fabric and glue, so don’t worry about it being too thin.

USE A LIVE TREE. Make sure you ask the tree very nicely to use it’s branch and say thank you with your heart.
Using a live tree will ensure that your branch has flexibility and won’t break when your wrapping it with fabric.

Do snip or break off any branches that are too small to be wrapped.

The fabric above are actually a bit too thick. Cut the fabric to about 1/2 inch thick. Length is varied on the pieces.

Cut the fabric into small strips.

This is a better example of how the strips should look. See how the ends are tapered? That’s important.

Coat the base of the branch in glue. Start wrapping the fabric around the base and continue circling up the branch. Make sure you cover the bottom well. Take extra care of all of the joints on the tree. Make sure they are covered well.

Here is a few detail images of the wrapping process.

Once you finish wrapping the branch, plant it in a neat small pot. I literally used packed dirt to secure the tree in the pot.

Then cover it in your jewelery. Viola! You have a beautiful new jewelery display! Neat!