23 Dec

Easy Stamped Christmas Paper Tutorial

stamped christmas wrapping paper

I may have cut it pretty close with getting my Christmas presents wrapped up in time

This is super easy and looks really classy and cost me nothing!

stamped christmas wrapping paper


  • paper bag
  • kitchen sponge
  • acrylic paint (I chose white)
  • paintbrush
  • hot glue gun
  • plastic container

stamped wrapping paper
First thing really is to cut off the bottom of your paper bag and lay it out flat. I even taped it to the workspace to ensure it wouldn’t slide around on me.

Draw your desired shape onto your sponge and cut it out. I was in a hurry, so I did a simple shape. It’s kinda a wonky dr. suessy christmas tree, but it works!

Then hot glue your sponge shape onto your plastic container. You can use a wood block or anything else solid. I’m all about resourcefulness, so anything you can manage. This piece is for when you press your sponge onto the paper you get an even distribution of pressure and so that you have something to hold on to. So you don’t get fingers painted.

stamped christams wrapping paper
If your sponge is hard and dry, get it a little wet.

Paint your sponge with a paintbrush. Do not just dip your sponge into the paint unless you have diluted the paint way down or are using a medium besides acrylic. If you dip the sponge in paint you are going to get WAY too much paint on the sponge. Paint it on and cover the entire sponge.
stamped christmas wrapping paper
Do a test stamp before you start stamping on your brown paper bag.

Press evenly and straight down. Bring it straight up. You get two or three stamps before you have to re paint your sponge stamp.

I did not measure my lines, I just went for it, stamping in all different directions, but you could grid out your paper if you want your stamping to be evenly spaced apart.
Christmas wrapping paper stamped
Let it dry before you wrap!

Add some twine or colored hemp string and your done! Beautiful wrapping paper. Super easy. Great for last minute wrapping. Great for any holiday, as you can make your stamp any shape. Hearts, stars, horseshoes, clovers, or blue moons… haa. A moon and a star one would be so neat!
stamped christmas wrapping paper

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07 Dec

Versatile Fabric Flowers

These easy, fun versatile flowers are great for using up extra fabric scraps! There are zillions of uses too.

Just to name a few: barrettes, head bands, buttons, clothing accessories/flare, Christmas present bows, pillow decor, jewelery, etc!


  • fabric strips
  • glue (I used Aleene’s Original Tacky Glue)
  • That’s it!!

Fabric strips should have a length of about 1 foot and a width of about half an inch. They can really be as long as you want. Longer is better because you can cut any extra off once you have your desired flower size.

To start your flower, put a healthy dose of glue on the tip starting end of your fabric strip.

Fold your strip on top of the glue. Continue putting glue on the outside edge and folding you fabric under itself and then on top of the glue.

Here is a photo sequence of the flowers progression:

If the fabric is too thick, fold it in half over itself. It will create more ruffles and layers on your flower.
Once the flower gets bigger, fold and twist the fabric more, and bring the glue further on the edge of the flower instead of on top. If you continue to build your flower vertical, your going to end up with a funnel effect. I did this on purpose with a flower that I wanted to add a button on in the center.

To end your flower, simply cut your fabric and glue the end of it smoothly around the backside of the flower.

Viola! Done! With this flower, I glued another smaller flower on top.

Now you can attach your flower to anything! To make the back of the flower flat and pretty I glued another piece of fabric onto the back and then I sewed them on headbands:

I also put them on bobby pins/barrettes, but make sure when you glue them on you use a pencil or something to keep the bobby pin from gluing itself together.

Another great idea is to use them in your holiday decorating!
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