02 Feb

No-Sew Fabric Flags Tutorial

Fabric Flag Tutorial

These fabric flags are great for using fabric scraps!
They are cute, easy, and don’t require hauling out the sewing machine!

no sew fabric flag


  • Fabric scraps
  • Mod Podge
  • Stapler
  • Ribbon

no sew fabric flags


Cut triangles out of your scrap fabric.
Cut them all relatively the same size.
If it helps to use a template, make one out of paper.

no sew fabric flag




Mix a bit of mod podge with a bit of water. Stir it up real good!


no sew fabric flags


Paint this mixture onto the edges of the fabric.
This will ensure that the fabric doesn’t fall apart and have tons of loose threads over time.
Let this dry. When it’s dry, it will be a stiffer, but the mod podge won’t be visible. On a few dark fabric triangles you can kinda see a darker edge, but nothing real noticeable.



no sew fabric flag

no sew fabric flower


Staple the fabric to ribbon.

Hold the fabric and ribbon taught when stapling.
(This practically requires the use of 3 hands. I awkwardly substituted my knee.)





There ya go! Easy no-sew fabric flags!

Fabric Flag Tutorialdeviantart

02 Feb

Paper Flower Garland Tutorial

paper flower garland

It’s good to finally see this piece on the wall!

It’s been in my “in progress” basket for years!

I’m such a fan of hanging things like this. garland. flags. christmas lights.


  • Different colored construction or heavy weight paper
  • paint
  • buttons
  • thread and needle
  • ribbon

paper flower garland

paper flower garland


First off is to paint a pretty/wild design on a few pieces of your heavy paper. Let it dry.




paper flower garland


Then use a cup or something round to draw large-ish circles on the back of your painted pieces of paper.

I got about eight circles per paper and made a total of 22 flowers. I painted on 3 pieces of paper.




paper flower garland


Cut more circles out of various colors of your heavy paper.

Each flower will have 3 circles.

Make the circles various sizes.




paper flower garland

Cut slits 2/3 into your flower, all the way around, into all three layers.

These are the petals.




paper flower garland


Fold the petals down the center to give it a good crease.





paper flower garland


paper flower garland


Using a needle and thread, literally sew buttons onto the center of your flowers.

I totally recommend using a thimble. It’s tough getting through 3 layers of paper.

Using the needle and thread again, sew each flower onto a piece of ribbon or string.

paper flower garland

paper flower garland
paper flower garland
Viola! Paper Flower Garland!
18 Jan

Fabric Magnet Board Tutorial

Fabric Magnet Board

Magnet Board with Button and Cork Magnets!

Great for the home, office, dorm, or where ever! My roommate’s mother made one of these for her, and after seeing hers, I had to make one! Her mom used an old shirt as her fabric! Yay for upcycling!


  • Pizza Pan (mine was 16″… The bigger the better! Any sort of metal pan will do though. I liked the aesthetics of the circle shape.)
  • Hot Glue
  • Fabric
  • Twine/Yarn/Hemp/String
  • Permanent Adhesive (I used E-6000)
  • Cork/Buttons/Charms/Jewelery
  • Magnets

Fabric Magnet Board

This project is fast, easy, and fun. It’s really one of those projects that you turn ‘nothing’ into ‘something’ really pretty. I’m going to make one for my room and for my office.




Remove any stickers on the pizza pan.


Cut your fabric to approximate size.





Round your fabric, but make sure you keep about 1.5 inches of extra fabric around the edge.






Notice that I am glueing on the concave side of the pizza pan!!

Start hot glueing the fabric on.

Do four opposite sides first, so that your fabric is tight and centered.









Pinch the fabric a bit when glueing, so that you don’t have any bunched up fabric on the good side. Fabric Magnet Board

I braided a few pieces of hemp as my hanger.

I attached it with the E-6000.

I tried hot glue first, and it’s not strong enough. My magnet board crashed down my wall in the middle of the night. Scared the heck outta me.

Fabric Magnet Board

I also made Magnets to go with my board.

This is also super easy, just glue anything you want to a piece of magnet. You can get magnet sheets and cut them to size. Make sure they aren’t weak magnets. The fabric does weaken the strength of the magnet, so just keep that in mind. I used buttons, wine cork, googly eye, old jewelery, and pieces of wood (which aren’t finished yet, soon though).

Cork Magnet

And that’s it!  Easy and beautiful.

Fabric Magnet Board

Fabric Magnet Board


14 Jan

Fabric 3D Letters Tutorial

3d Fabric Letters Tutorial

3D Fabric Letters!  How cute!?!


  • Cardboard
  • Hot Glue Gun/ Glue
  • Mod Podge
  • Fabric

3D Fabric Letters3D Fabric Letters Tutorial






3D Fabric Letters Tutorial






3D Fabric Letters Tutorial

3D Fabric Letters Tutorial











Using cardboard, cut out your letter (I free handed my letters), and enough strips of cardboard to make the width of your 3D letters. My width strips were 2.25″ thick. When you cut out the letters, flip each letter over and cut out a reflection of the letter for the back side of the 3D piece.
3D Fabric Letters Turorial
Using hot glue, (careful, don’t burn yourself!), build up your 3D letter walls. Start from the center and work your way out. This seems to make is easiest for maneuvering the glue gun. Hold the piece in place for a minute for the glue to harden up a bit. Some of the pieces won’t fit exactly, so keep a scissors handy for trimming for an exact fit.  Any letters with curves (D or R etc) make sure you prebend the cardboard before glueing it.

3D Fabric Letters Turorial

Put the other side on the top of the letter last. After the glue hardens, trim off any extra cardboard, making the edges of the letters match up as perfect as you can.

3D Fabric Letters Turorial

After you’ve completed your cardboard letters, the next step will be to pick out and cut out the fabric you will need to cover the letters. One of my pieces of fabric is actually an old t shirt! Yay for upcycling!


Cut out long strips of fabric to go around the sides of your letters. Take the width of your letters and add one inch for the width of your strips. You want 1/2 inch of extra fabric on all sides.

3D Fabric Letters Tutorial

Cut out a fabric letter piece, and a fabric reflection piece!

3D Fabric Letters Tutorial

Paint Mod Podge around the outter sides of the letter.
3D Fabric Letter Tutorial

Secure the fabric strips around the glue covered sides.

Do the inside of your letters too. This part is difficult to do without making your fabric all wrinkled. I used a pencil and a tweezers to help smooth it out. Also, make sure your fabric is the exact size with maybe a tiny bit of overlap. The more extra fabric you have, the harder it is to secure is smoothly to the inner cardboard.

3D fabric letters tutorial

At each corner, cut the fabric overlap down to the cardboard. Then glue down the overlapping fabric to the front and reflection faces of the letter.

3D fabric letters tutorial

Glue down the front piece of fabric and the reflection piece of fabric.

Viola! Create any word, phrase, name, sentence you want! I love using fabric for stuff like this.

I love how this turned out!

3D Fabric Letters
3d Fabric Letters Tutorial





10 Dec

Instagram Wall Art Tutorial

Use your favorite Instagram photos for some easy modern wall art!

You can print your Instagram photos on this neat website printstagr.am.

They have all sorts of neat options for your Instagram photos like Calendars, Posters, Mini books, and more.

This tutorial is easy, fun, and you can switch out your photos whenever you want to give your room a new look.


  • For this tutorial, you will need the set of 48 mini squares for $12. I think this is an awesome deal. They are on a heavy weight paper with a matte finish and look super slick.
  • Hemp String
  • Thumb tacks
  • Mini Clothes pins (These were bought at Walmart in the kids craft section. I totally don’t support shopping at Walmart, but sometimes you gotta cave.)
  • Frame and black foam board (optional)

Like most crafting, the creative options are endless, but I’m going to show two different ways of displaying your instagram photos.

The first way is to take your string and cut out three lengths of about 3 1/2 feet. Tie loops around the ends and tack them into the wall with a height of 3.25 inches between each string.
To tie the loops use slip knots so that you can adjust the length of the string. It’s important that all three pieces are the same length after the knots are tied. Leave a little slack so that you can pull the string away from the wall and clip on the photos.

With the lengths I have given, you can fit 16 mini square photos with 2 mm of space between each photo on each piece of string.

The other method gives your art a little more class.
I’m going to be more vague with measurements on this example because every frame is going to be different.

Cut your string into lengths and tie loops to fit the width of your foam board tightly. Make sure they are all the same size.
Tack the string into your poster board before you put it into the frame.
Pin the pictures on your string after it’s in the frame.

I think that the silver tack looks neat coming just outside the frame.

There! Two great ways to display pictures of family, artsy photos, or anything you want!
These pictures and both of these projects were done by the great Aaron Heirtzler. He is such a swell guy for allowing me to use and post his projects. The picture frame one is a Christmas present, so shhh! 😉


Peace Love and Popsicles

07 Dec

Versatile Fabric Flowers

These easy, fun versatile flowers are great for using up extra fabric scraps! There are zillions of uses too.

Just to name a few: barrettes, head bands, buttons, clothing accessories/flare, Christmas present bows, pillow decor, jewelery, etc!


  • fabric strips
  • glue (I used Aleene’s Original Tacky Glue)
  • That’s it!!

Fabric strips should have a length of about 1 foot and a width of about half an inch. They can really be as long as you want. Longer is better because you can cut any extra off once you have your desired flower size.

To start your flower, put a healthy dose of glue on the tip starting end of your fabric strip.

Fold your strip on top of the glue. Continue putting glue on the outside edge and folding you fabric under itself and then on top of the glue.

Here is a photo sequence of the flowers progression:

If the fabric is too thick, fold it in half over itself. It will create more ruffles and layers on your flower.
Once the flower gets bigger, fold and twist the fabric more, and bring the glue further on the edge of the flower instead of on top. If you continue to build your flower vertical, your going to end up with a funnel effect. I did this on purpose with a flower that I wanted to add a button on in the center.

To end your flower, simply cut your fabric and glue the end of it smoothly around the backside of the flower.

Viola! Done! With this flower, I glued another smaller flower on top.

Now you can attach your flower to anything! To make the back of the flower flat and pretty I glued another piece of fabric onto the back and then I sewed them on headbands:

I also put them on bobby pins/barrettes, but make sure when you glue them on you use a pencil or something to keep the bobby pin from gluing itself together.

Another great idea is to use them in your holiday decorating!
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