12 Dec

Oak Wood Tea Light Candle Holder Tutorial

wood tea light holder

Ya! A Tutorial where I get to use the power tools!

wood tea light holders

  • drill
  • wood bore drill bit size 1.5″
  • sand paper
  • saw
  • clamp
  • tree branch or stump
  • tea lights

These are so beautiful. So satisfying to make as well.

These can be made without power tools. I used some super rustic tools to make 2 of these tea light holders. You’ll see.

pick your tree

So pick your tree! You can use tree branches too if you’d like. Oak is hard wood. Pine is soft. I used a scrub oak tree in a densely populated forest that I had permission to cut in.



Cut your branch or tree and then cut it into the size of holder you want. I thought 3 staggering height holders would be best. Really try and cut your tree with a straight flat line.

wood bore
wood bore drill

old fashioned wood bore

You can use two different types of wood bore drill bits that I have showed here on the side.

The top picture is a SPADE Drill Bit.

Second picture is what a TWIST Drill Bit looks like.

It actually isn’t through.

It really is an old rustic hand auger. Sweet right? It was so ridiculously hard to work with, but did a great job with enough muscle.

Just because I say that means I suggest using one.

Use a drill, the blisters on my hands urge you.
Clamp your wood piece down securely when you drill into it.

Drill from directly above and push down into the wood.

Obviously use the power tools with every measure of safety you can manage.

wood candle holder
Sand the top of the candle holder to give it a more finished look.

Take the sand paper and run it around the inside of the circle you just cut.
wood tealight holder

Viola. You have a beautiful rustic tea candle holder. This project was such work, but I was so satisfied with the result.

wood tea light holders


11 Dec

Painted Holiday Decor Pinecones

This easy, beautiful, elegant crafting was done by my good friend and roommate, Kristin. She’s the bees knees. (I have it on good authority that that phrase is coming back.)

  • pine cones
  • acrylic paint
  • paintbrush


Paint your pine cones to create great Christmas ornaments and decor!




The corn cob poker was used to apply the gold paint dots!

This elegant wine glass center piece was super easy and I had all the supplies on hand.

Happy crafting and happy holidays!